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True healing and integration into wholeness happens when we can be present and witness those parts of our self that hold difficult memories, feelings, core beliefs of self or other frames of reference!  This can happen through many different avenues and via a myriad of tools:

  • Hypnotherapy

  • Past Life Regression

  • Consciousness Tools

  • Yuen Method of Chinese Energetics

  • Spirit Releasement / Soul Retrieval

At Quantum Therapeautics, we have redefined and brought healing and wellness into a new light. Your overall emotional, mental, physical and spiritual needs are addressed through gentle exploration of life experiences and and the attraction fields that brought those experiences into conscious awareness.  By healing and clearing traumatic experiences and any resulting thoughts, beliefs, reactive behavior, habits and/or patterns, space is created for the individual to make conscious choices and easily co-create one's reality with a more desirable outcome. Our goal is to go to and heal the cause of your concern, rather than randomly trying (and usually failing) to relieve symptoms. ‘Symptoms’ can appear on emotional, mental, physical and spiritual levels.  These can include emotional symptoms of financial distress, unhealthy relationship patterns, anxiety, depression, addiction, hypervigilence; mental symptoms of negative, incessant and/or obsessive thinking without ever achieving a desired goal or solution; physical symptoms of excess weight, chronic pain patterns and limitations; and spiritual symptoms of feeling separate from, absence of or abandoned by divine presence.

The results are profound and many people report feeling:

  • peaceful and calm (for some this is the first time in their life of experiencing this degree of contentment)
  • freed of a lifetime of burden, struggle or internal conflict,
  • addictive or destructive behavior disappearing almost instantly – as if it never happened
  • physical pain significantly diminished or completely gone; and
  • connected to something higher and feeling a significant part of something greater than themselves

Balance, harmony and joy are achieved when all levels of the individual are acknowledged and addressed. Let us help you find your higher self and help you break through the barriers that keep you from your ideal life.

We offer the following services:
    Past Life Regression Therapy
    Injury Rehab
    Energy Work
  Spiritual Alchemy
    Divine Reconnection
    Soul Retrieval
    Spirit Releasement
    Conscious Tools for Spiritual Living

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The answer is in your heart - you can always hear it if you listen for it.