Melinda V. Jacobs, CCHt.

Intuitive Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist

Are you tired of repeating painful patterns of addictive habits and/or abusive relationships? Ready to free yourself from your past and invest in your future? Far beyond traditional therapy, Melinda Jacobs will guide you through unique experiences blending counseling, intuitive coaching, Cellular Release Therapy, and many other tools. As a result, weight loss and life goals are achieved while simultaneously freeing yourself from past trauma! It is time to live a life of radical self-care, fulfilling relationships and life purpose beyond imagination. 

My Mission Statement:

By creating a safe and judgment-free space - I compassionately empower others to embrace the ALL of their being, open and expand their awareness, and anchor to deep inner knowing and higher inspiration; so that they can know the power that they ARE, clearly see limitless possibilities, and move consciously to create an abundant life for themselves which overflows and ripples out into the world.

Cellular Release Therapy
Intuitive Counceling
Addiction Counceling
Cellular Release Therapy
Past Life Regression
Trauma Clearing
Intuitive Counseling
Sensitivity Training
Spiritual Guidance
Weight Loss
Addiction Counseling
The Gabriel Method (TM)
Melinda Jacobs CCHt.
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