Addiction Counseling - Weight Loss - The Gabriel Method (TM)


Weight loss is a very complex issue. My approach to weight loss is one of respect and honor, as I know personally what it is to struggle with food, weight, body image, and a very difficult self image.


For the person who is serious about this particular soul journey, my response is, 'let's do this thing!' Issues around weight, food, and the relationship with yourself have taken many years, if not lifetimes, to develop and will not be undone in just a few sessions of hypnotherapy. This is a journey of self discovery, peeling back layer after layer. It demands patience, self love, and authenticity. The reward is ultimately coming into a deep love and honoring of yourself which is rich with compassion, respect, and acceptance.


I have worked with The Gabriel Method since 2012 as a Specialty Coach for their Ultimate Coaching Experience and find that Jon Gabriel's wholistic approach to sustainable weight loss is one of the best and most well rounded approaches out there.


During our time together, the aspects that I can assist you with in your personal weight loss journey are:


    -    creating a healthy expectation of what healing looks like


    -    clearing trauma from the past


    -    identifying and clearing limiting belief systems and/or other obstacles that are keeping you from achieving your goals 


    -    developing new ways of managing feelings and difficult situations