Cellular Release Therapy - Past Life Regression - Trauma Clearing

Whether you are trying to recover from a recent traumatic incident or something that occurred years (or even lifetimes ago), the residual charge of unresolved events sits within cellular memory and remains there - buried alive. This charge includes beliefs and conclusions made at the time of the event(s) and will continue to replay out into current life situations and relationships until the original experience is resolved. Cellular Release Therapy is a powerful tool to release and clear all unresolved events, feelings, beliefs, habits, patterns, blame and punishment of yourself and others from any event - no matter how old. The efficacy lies within the ability to access and work with the subconscious mind which has full access to ALL life events. Whether or not you consciously remember an event is not important.


During the clearing process, the facilitator asks permission from the client's subconscious to release and clear all residual charge. Once permission has been received, a directive is given to set the clearing process into motion. This process is NOT used for memory recall and allows the client to clear residual charge from even the most difficult experiences without having to relive the experience.


Cellular Release Therapy IS:


  • A highly efficient and effective way to decrease and/or eliminate any remaining charge from difficult and/or traumatic experiences

  • ​A form of past life regression therapy

  • ​A permission-based process that works WITH the subconscious mind

  • A powerful way to move beyond habits that have outlived their usefulnes

 Cellular Release Therapy IS NOT / DOES NOT:


  • Designed for memory recall

  • Require the conscious mind to understand why the habit is in place or when it started

  • Require the client to relive or re-experience the trauma in order to clear the residual charge