Energetic Mastery Class -

Tools, Tips and Tricks
for Empaths, Introverts and Muggles

Are you overwhelmed with the world? Tired from feeling everyone and everything around you without any way to protect yourself? Do you want to understand how to move through the world safer and in more control of your reactions to the energies around you?


It’s time to understand just how powerful you are and how to minimize the effects of the energetic world around you!


This will be webcast only.


Topics of discussion will include:


* What is an empath/sensitive person

* How to know if what you are feeling is yourself or others around you


* How to set and maintain strong energetic boundaries


* How to move through the energetic world more safely and effectively and minimize the energetic effects of the world and people around you


* Ways to bring more energy into your home and creative energetic defenses for home and office


* And so much more!

What People Are Saying About this Class -

"This class is hands down the most effective teaching I've ever received.  Since I was very young, I've been taught many different ways to manage my sensitivity and few of them have actually been helpful.  The class is well planned.  The tools are easy to learn and have been simple to implement into my life outside of the classroom.  Thank you, Melinda!"

"I loved your class! It was clear, comprehensive, enjoyable, interesting, applicable to anyone and everyone!"

"Before I took this class, I often felt drained by crowds and certain people, and I usually blamed myself for not taking better care of myself physically or not getting enough sleep. While taking this class, I learned something surprising: I have always been really affected by the people around me and their emotions and energy. With Melinda's help, I very quickly learned to recognize when what I was feeling or thinking did not belong to me, and what to do about it. I also learned how to recognize when what other people were feeling was triggering a need for me to do my own inner work. This class gives lots of tools and tricks for managing your own energy and keeping yourself clear and peaceful when dealing with friends, family, and clients. I cannot recommend it enough!"

When: To be Announced

Location:  Webcast via Zoom

Price - $225