Energetic Mastery Class -

Tools, Tips and Tricks
for Empaths, Introverts and Muggles

Are you overwhelmed with the world? Tired from feeling everyone and everything around you without any way to protect yourself? Do you want to understand how to move through the world safer and more in control of the energies around you?


It’s time to understand just how powerful you are and how to minimize the effects of the energetic world around you!


Some of what will be discussed –


* What is an empath/sensitive


* How to know if you are feeling yourself or others


* How to set an energetic boundary


* How to move through the energetic world more safely and effectively


* How to minimize the energetic effects of the world and people around you


* Open discussions on being a health care practitioner and how to more effectively be with your clientele


* And much more!

When: Friday, June 23 - 6:30 to 8:30

and Saturday, June 24 - 9:00 to noon


Denver Pain and Performance Solutions

9034 E Easter Pl, Suite 209

Centennial, CO


Price - $150