Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap - a good phrase for caution and safety. There is a gap between what is true and what you 'think' is true. There is a chasm between who you are and the true Self that lies within you. Hard to know really until the charge from the past has been cleared. We see, experience, react and behave according to what our past experiences have been. And we continue to draw to us experiences that match that charge. ALL unresolved energy, fears, beliefs, habits and patterns remain in the energetic makeup of our being until an intervention. Cellular Release Therapy is a powerful way to clear the energy from the system without having to relive all the details from the past. Its highly effective and very efficient. Many many experiences can be cleared in one 2-hour session. Every time I have the opportunity to attend and assist in the trans-formative 9-day training, I leave re-energized and more inspired by the power of this tool to end old habits and ways of perceiving and thinking, to free up chronic stress patterns in the body and so much more! After 10 years of practicing CRT - I am still amazed at the depth of people's healing. Many thanks to the courageous students that have taken this training on and have continued their own growth and healing. You will help many people along the way. And my utmost respect and gratitude to Anne Drucker who has tirelessly developed this body of work and continues to hold the individual healing experience in the highest and most sacred regard.

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