The sessions I offer are a customized blend of modalities and techniques based on what you most need in any given moment. I always invite in your higher wisdom and divine guidance to direct the work on your behalf.  Here are a few of my more common services.

Feeling stuck in events and traumas of the past can diminish our present-moment happiness and cause us to make choices based on old patterns rather than our own highest knowing. Working together, we can clear through these places of resistance and keep you moving forward.

In this ever changing world, it's common to feel disconnected from Source or feel too much from our environment. I can help you reestablish or deepen your 'higher' connections and teach you how to navigate an energetic world more safely while staying connected to your unique heart signature.

Complex challenges like addiction recovery and sustainable, emotionally healthy weight loss can require a gentle yet determined approach to truly succeed. My years of experience and extensive training around these core challenges allow us to craft a safe and direct path through the maze of misleading and overwhelming information to genuine success.

In person versus Skype sessions

In certain cases, the world of technology offers us ease in scheduling time to meet.  I have worked with people in over 25 countries around the world with amazing and profound results.  Skype is a free program that is easy to use and allows us to meet 'face to face' via internet wherein we can see each other through the use of video.  This allows us to work together even when you may be traveling, if inclement weather moves in, or if you are living outside of the Denver area.

Session pricing and payment

30-Minute Consult - Complimentary

Counseling Services - $125 per hour


Checks, credit cards and PayPal are accepted

Payment is due at the completion of each session

For more information, or to schedule a session please contact Melinda