"I have worked with Melinda for about 2 years now, on and off.  I have found her healing abilities and the tools she uses to be extraordinary.  But more than that, Melinda herself is a gift.  She has a rare and unique perspective in life that, as she applies it to her sessions, allows others to rise above the chatter of their worries and problems and reminds them of their own ability to be their highest self.  Her honesty and integrity inspires others to always aim for that in themselves as well.  I particularly love how she has helped me to see beyond myself to solutions that bring the greatest good to all involved in a situation, up to and including a broader scale of global healing.  She never hides her own raw parts, which has allowed me to acknowledge and face those same places in myself. And she achieves all this with grace, humility and generosity.  I am grateful to know her and would recommend her to anyone looking to dig deep and do the serious work in their lives." - A.P., Ney Jersey

"Melinda is the Indiana Jones of the cellular release technique.  Undauntedly brave and resourceful ... kind, compassionate, thorough and professional ... Melinda gently works her magic. I felt safe, valued and supported.  I highly recommend her ... and thank her for guiding me through the rugged terrain to inner calm and clarity." - A.G., Montrose, CO

"Among Melinda’s many gifts is her remarkable ability to lead people though the depths of the human spirit and psyche. I see her as an expert at navigating this terrain, and a way-shower to those of us on a healing path. While many might opt to bypass this terrain for the ease and comfort of disembodied light, Melinda brings presence, light and love into its hidden and fragmented places. I see this as a powerful act and an important contribution towards the healing of our world.


In my own healing journey, Melinda Jacobs has been and continues to be an invaluable witness, mentor and ally. Many, many times, she has made sense of the madness and brought clarity to the chaos that inevitably arise on the road to greater awareness, wholeness and freedom. She has given me tools to progress in ways that I could not have imagined possible. I never cease to be bowled over by her kindness, commitment, generosity, keen intelligence and insight." - M.G., Ontario, Canada

"I’ve been having sessions with Melinda via SKYPE for several months. At first I was dubious – could I really connect with someone and trust her over SKYPE? Within minutes of talking with Melinda I knew the answer was yes. I have lived most of my life in fear and Melinda is teaching me a different way to live. Every session is different and Melinda knows exactly what I need to do that day. Through cellular release therapy and core transformation work, I not only recognize my negative patterns, I am finally learning the tools to stop repeating them." - N.A., Los Angeles, CA

"Over the past six months I’ve done emotional release work with Melinda.  This work was in combination with conventional talk therapy, and the combination was powerful beyond words, with talk therapy uncovering old issues and Melinda’s work literally sweeping away the old emotions that surfaced.  After trying many modalities for emotional healing, I can say with confidence that the work with Melinda has been absolutely stunning – in the speed with which emotions shifted, and the depth at which this change occurred, and the lasting nature of the changes.  I will be forever grateful for the beautiful shifts her work has brought to my life.  " - G.C., Sedona, AZ

"I just re-watched the Ask Melinda on communicating with the divine. I cannot believe how much has come to me in the past month. I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your knowledge. I am so very grateful to the universe for bringing us together! With your help, my life has exploded with happiness and abundance and is continuing to do so every day. I am truly learning who I am and what it means to be me authentically. Although I am still in the chrysalis, the butterfly will emerge in time!" - C.T., New Berlin, WI

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